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State parliament members look into CEMEX’s CO2 initiatives

Rüdersdorf, May 31, 2021

A press report about the Carbon Neutral Alliance of the Rüdersdorf cement plant had piqued their interest: On May 31, 2021, the state parliament members of the Green Party Sahra Damus, Heiner Klemp and Clemens Rostock went to see for themselves what progress CEMEX has made on the way to carbon neutrality.

Executives led by Rüdiger Kuhn, Chairman of the Board of CEMEX Deutschland AG, and Stefan Schmorleiz, Managing Director of CEMEX Zement GmbH, presented current decarbonization initiatives, and Thomas Weber, head of the affiliated limestone quarry, provided insight into an industrial landscape with amazing biodiversity.

In the Carbon Neutral Alliance, CEMEX is working with partners from the research and industry sectors to make the cement plant carbon neutral by 2030. The visitors were also interested in the lighthouse project Concrete Chemicals, the first milestone on the way towards decarbonizing the cement industry: In a consortium together with the renewable energy company ENERTRAG and the electrolysis company Sunfire from Dresden, CEMEX is developing processes to convert CO2 into methanol, renewable chemical products and synthetic fuels. This opens the opportunity for Brandenburg to position itself as a pioneering region for sustainable technology.





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