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Members of the Bundestag visit Rüdersdorf cement plant

Rüdersdorf, May 10, 2021

Dr. Saskia Ludwig and Jens Koeppen (CDU) find out about CEMEX’s current decarbonization initiatives

On May 10, 2021, a CDU delegation led by Members of the German Bundestag Dr. Saskia Ludwig and Jens Koeppen visited the CEMEX cement plant in Rüdersdorf, following up on earlier discussions about the international building materials company’s decarbonization plans for Germany. The visitors also included André Schaller, Member of the Brandenburg state parliament, Bundestag candidate Dr. Sabine Buder and Wolfgang Brenneis, group chairman of the CDU Stahnsdorf.

Rüdiger Kuhn, Chairman of the Board of CEMEX Deutschland AG, and his team presented current sustainability initiatives. For example, together with partners from the research and industry sectors, CEMEX has launched the Carbon Neutral Alliance to make the cement plant CO2-neutral by 2030. The visitors were also very interested in the lighthouse project Concrete Chemicals, which marks the first milestone in the decarbonization of the cement industry: In a broad-based consortium together with the renewable energy company ENERTRAG and the electrolysis company Sunfire from Dresden, CEMEX is paving the way towards clean cement production by converting CO2 into methanol, renewable chemical products and synthetic fuels.

Dr. Saskia Ludwig and Jens Koeppen promised to support these decarbonization initiatives at the federal level.





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